The government is to change its slogan in the fight against Covid from Hands-Face-Space to Hands-Knees and Boomps-a-Daisy!

The new strapline will start appearing in public information films from the weekend with a widespread programme of billboard installations to be rolled out across the country from next week.

Speaking to reporters Boris Johnson said, ‘We’ve had a chat in cabinet and agreed that Hands Face Space wasn’t cutting the mustard. Too dour you see. No pazazz at all.’

‘But everyone agreed this new one is much jollier. Boomps-a-Daisy, eh? Rather a lark and even a little suggestive too. Ha ha, eh? Gives us all a bit of a lift.’

Mr Johnson denied the new slogan was only agreed as a last-minute compromise after his first one, Hands – Whoops – Rumpy-Pumpy was rejected.

And already the new slogan has found favour with some of the members of the public. Costermonger, staunch Tory and Brexit supporter from Billericay, Barry Shite, said.

‘Oh, this is great ain’t it? Reminds me of the second world war and good old British knees-ups and whatnot. A time we all came together and when we wasn’t overrun by these Muslamics and foreigners and that. Covid ain’t got no bleedin’ chance now. Well done, Boris. ‘