Proceedings at the Court Of Fantasy Sagas ended in complete disarray today as the long-awaited charges brought by The Nazgul against The Dementors for theft of intellectual property and plagiarism was heard.

Opening the case on behalf of his clients, The Nazgul, Mr James Kavanagh accused The Dementors  of ‘the blatant and wholesale ripping-off  of the stylings and modus operandi of his clients, with little or no attempt made to disguise their origins.’

Defending, Mr Horace Rumpole, suggested that the similarity was nothing more than coincidence. There then followed a complex legal augment between both teams of barristers.

Matters came to head leading to proceedings being adjourned pending further inquiries after corroborating witnesses Sméagol and Dobby were called closely followed by the wizard Gandalf and Professor Albus Dumbledore.

Announcing the adjournment presiding judge Robert Rinder said: ‘Whereas I regard myself as more than capable of weighing up the evidence brought before me even in the most complex of disputes, I have to say that in this case I simply cannot tell which side is which. It’s as if you are all in the same bloody story.’

Nazgul creator JRR Tolkien was not available for comment but JK Rowling, in whose books the Dementors feature said: ‘This case is nonsense and should never have come to court. My Albus Dumbledore is a kind, wise and avuncular headmaster of Hogwarts School, whereas everyone knows Gandalf is the lead singer of The Boomtown Rats.’