Gullible fool Steven Kirk got more than he bargained for when he used the satnav in his new car for the first time, because instead of it directing him to the local chippy he ended up 3500 miles away in New York!

“I just wanted to check it out, you know, boys toys and all that, so I said to my wife I’ll just nip down the chip shop and get a couple of fish suppers. But ninety minutes after leaving home I was still nowhere near the chippy.”

“When I found myself driving through St Albans it did seem rather odd however I was just following the satnav woman’s directions.’

“Next she said ‘proceed to Gatwick and buy an airline ticket for New York JFK’. I know it sounds silly now, but I mean computers are always right aren’t they, so that’s what I did,’ he explained.

“My wife, wasn’t too best pleased when eventually I called her from New York to tell her where I was. She had the tea ready and bread buttered and I didn’t half get a good ear-bashing when I got home the next day.”

When asked if it hadn’t occurred to him that something was wrong with the device, he said: ‘Well, not really, you see the car’s brand new.’

Now counting the cost of a trip that’s set him back a cool £4000 rueful Steven admitted, ‘I think I’ll maybe walk to the chippy next time.’