No one is immune to the downturn in business as a result of Britain’s enforced lock down and nowhere is this being felt more keenly than among those working within the black economy.

Jobbing electrician Nev Capstick said: “My diary’s empty and all my work’s gone, and although I’m one of the lucky ones who can submit three years accounts to get 80% of my “through the books business”, what am I supposed to do about all my ‘cash-in hand-jobs? I’m now not allowed to go out to do them?”

“Because to be absolutely straight with you, every year I earn at least double in pound-notes-in-my-pocket-no-tax-no-VAT than I do through the books. Let’s face it all tradesman do.”

“If the Chancellor don’t come up with something to cover that revenue stream how will I keep my Condo in Puerto Banus? Shanice would go mental if we was to lose that. Then I got to maintain my collection of vintage sports cars too.”

“This eighty percent malarkey’s a start but I don’t think the government’s thought it through. I think they’ll have to do something or there’s going to be lots of people like me just abandoned on the scrapheap.”