A man on benefits has been declared fit for work by the DWP despite being hospitalised suffering from chronic and advanced symptoms of Covid-19.

Three days after his admission Bernard Taylor’s wife received a letter summoning her husband to attend a Fitness for Work Examination.

She contacted DWP and explained his circumstances thinking no more about it until a second letter arrived explaining he had been sanctioned with his benefits disallowed for not turning up at the appointment.

DWP pedant and jobsworth Simon Williams said, We must be consistent on this. People scrounging off the system has been costing us millions every year and it’s vital it’s stopped.”

“I can’t comment on this case and Mr Taylor says he’s ill – but had he actually bothered to attended his appointment and state his case then he wouldn’t be in this position now. I don’t wish to be seen as being uncaring here… but you know… hasn’t he only got himself to blame?”

Former Minister For Work & Pensions and a leading advocate for heaping relentless misery on Britain’s underprivileged, Sir Iain Duncan Smith agrees.

“Perhaps if he’s able to blink then couldn’t he do that thing were he’s hooked up to a computer, a bit like Stephen Hawking was. Maybe to operate a simple on-off switch sorting faulty widgets?”

“If Taylor’s suspension is overturned then the modelling shows we will be inundated with so-call sick chancers inside a fortnight. The country will be bankrupt.”