Darren Gatley a selfish idiot from Billericay is refusing to observe the latest government measures to combat Covid-19 because he says it’s a breach of his civil liberties and the inherent right to exercise his own freedom of choice.

“My Dad and his Dad didn’t fight in two World Wars to win freedom for subsequent generations only for us to be told that we can’t go out and infect people with this so-call Chinese lurgy.”

“And anyway, this Corona is a load of old pony and it doesn’t really exist. I know that cos I have a mate who’s a doctor in London and he says it’s all just made-up to sell newspapers and that.”

“If some bloody oldies fall off the twig then tough luck because that’s life, isn’t it? They’ve all had a good innings. Yeah? It means that I can get about the place without them getting in my way when I’m out and about.”

“But no, I’m not happy about what Boris said last night. I voted for him to get Brexit done and he did, but why is he now treating us like we’re still under the European jackboot. He wants us confined to home like an entire nation of POWs in Colditz.”