Flushed with success at having pointed out to moronic fuckwits and bigots that a small amount of money donated to the RNLI is used for overseas projects where there are foreigners living, some of whom aren’t even white, oversized toilet roll and so-called newspaper the Daily Mail has vowed to dig even deeper and uncover ‘more of this kind of thing’.

One heartless shameful uncaring bastard who works for them but refused to be named under any circumstances said: ‘We are delighted our undercover exposé  has brought this scandal to light for the wider public. We spent upwards of two minutes reading through RNLI’s accounts to find this disgusting information, where they had tried to hide it right there for anyone to see.’

Costermonger Barry Shite from Billericay, a staunch Brexit supporter and mindless racist fumed: ‘It’s a facking disgrace what they’ve been doing and I ain’t giving them another facking penny, the disingenuous traitorous bastards. Some of these foreign people they dole the money out to don’t even speak English for fack sake!’

Meanwhile the idiot from The Mail continued his mindless stream of sickening bile: ‘This is just the thin end of the wedge and we’re not stopping with the RNLI. Any other so-called charity that doesn’t spend one hundred percent of all money donated to it by the British public can expect the same treatment. ‘

‘So even if you’ve got a Just Giving page set up and you don’t use the money collected exclusively on white British people then we’re coming to get you.’

However it’s been subsequently announced that since the Mail’s shameful attempted hatchet job, RNLI donations have increased  significantly, leaving racists, xenophobes and disgusting bigots feeling very annoyed. Very very annoyed indeed. Hopping mad they are in actual fact. Oh dear, what a shame.