A right royal brouhaha has broken out following news that future king, Prince George, has been given fifty lines and a one-hour detention at his school, the exclusive Thomas’s Battersea.

The six year-old heir to the throne was caught handing out ‘well-thumbed copies of 1950s era naturist magazine Health & Efficiency’ to chums at his ‘secret court’ behind the bike sheds of the £6,429 per term establishment, and now in constitutional first, Buckingham Palace sources have suggested Her Majesty The Queen is about to be drawn into the row.

The young prince is reported to have spent the entire detention period ranting at his teacher: ‘Look here you, whomsoever you may be, I shan’t write these beastly lines and I’m going to get my Great Grandmama onto you. Just you see if I jolly well don’t.’

George is known to be the apple of the Queen’s eye, and since the news broke, reporters have been permanently camped outside the school gates, eagerly awaiting Her Majesty’s arrival in the Golden State Coach flanked by footmen in full livery, hellbent on shouting the odds at the headmistress.

Meanwhile reports George was given the magazines by his Great Grandfather The Duke of Edinburgh remain unconfirmed.