The new mini-roundabout some ‘genius’ at the Town Hall has decided to install at the junction of Dovecote Avenue and Primrose Way has you tearing your hair out it can be revealed.

You’ve lived around there for forty years, been driving since you were eighteen and yet during all that time there has never been even a hint of a traffic hold-up at the intersection until this morning; oddly enough the  first day since the new roundabout was put into operation.

Ironically it turns out the detour you’ve been taking during the roundabout’s three-week construction period is at least five times faster than the now completed ‘improvement scheme’. It took you twenty minutes to get through today instead of the usual two because of how the roundabout affects traffic, particularly during the school run.

I seems scarcely not one of the drivers who were ferrying their kids the usual fifty yards from home appears to have ever navigated their way around such a complex road feature in their lives. The resulting gridlock on all three approaches had to be subsequently cleared by two Police Traffic Officers.

Needless to say you will call the Council’s Traffic Department later, and after being kept on-hold for at least thirty minutes by a selection of robots operating multiple choice menus, you may just finally speak to someone.

This person will assure you that extensive traffic surveys carried out over the preceding six-month period, has produced incontrovertible evidence that the new mini-roundabout will enhance traffic flow threefold. Your protestations to the contrary based upon the evidence of your own eyes will undoubtedly fall upon deaf ears.

You are now thinking about selling your house and moving to a less traffic-congested location. Piccadilly Circus seems an attractive option.