Royal circles are in a spin as today after Prince Charles admitted he’s fallen on hard times and is in a significant financial hole after an ill-advised money deal turned sour and left him ‘in rather a pickle’.

Speaking in an upcoming Channel 5 documentary to his longtime friend the well known horticultural makeover expert, gardening author and totally irritating wazzock, Alan Titchmarsh, Britain’s heir to the throne dropped his earth shattering bombshell .

‘The truth is that I’m skint, Alan. I’ve got major money problems and every penny I earn from the civil list, in addition to my other business interests, goes to paying back a loan I took out with a payday lender several years back. It was only for five hundred quid too to get William out of a bit of a tight spot, but things seemed to spiral out of control after I missed just one single repayment date. I’m ruined and don’t know where to turn next.’

However help could be at hand as after hearing the news eighty five year-old widow, Ethel Burbage, immediately announced that she is to sell her house and will give the proceeds to the Prince. ‘Well living in a shop door until I croaks it is the least I can do after all what he’s done for the country, aint it?’ she said.