It has been announced Gavin Williamson is to step down as Secretary of State for Education to pursue other activities. However the announcement is being hotly disputed by Labour who say that in fact he’s actually quitting in order to concentrate on his own education next year when he is due to sit his Eleven Plus.

And it it seems Labour might just be right as we have heard from a source close to Gavin’s Mum who says she’s concerned that he’s been neglecting his Boy Scouting; apparently he has failed to get his Circus Skills Activity Badge five times, and is also stuck fast at grade two in piano lessons.

A Prep School chum of Gavin’s who doesn’t want to be named, let’s call him Bulstrode Minor, said: ‘Gav is well-known for petulant outbursts and keeps getting himself into hot water with our teacher, Mrs Forbes-Pennyweather.’

‘Consequently he has been given a lot of detentions recently, not to mention the thousands and thousands of lines he’s been set in an attempt to make him grow up. That’s the real reason he’s packing in the government.’

Meanwhile Prime Mister Boris Johnson said: ‘This has come as a bit of a blow to me personally and I shall certainly miss the little chap. God only knows who’s going to fag for me now.’