Salvation might just be at hand for everyone who has ever had to queue behind an old age pensioner at the supermarket checkout, if App Developer Bryan Phipps has his way.

Mr Phipps has invented an App that can read bar codes on all supermarket vouchers then conveniently store them on a ‘credit card’ complete with their expiry dates and values.

‘Just think,’ he enthuses ‘with my card the days of waiting for OAPs to rootle through their purses to find  an average of seventeen vouchers and present them to the checkout operator will be gone. And gone too will be the tutting, huffing and puffing of customers becoming ever more irate in the queue behind them.’

But retail analysts are not one hundred percent convinced as a pilot scheme has yielded mixed results. In one notable case Doreen Bathurst, a ninety three year-old former dinner lady caused a riot in Sainsbury’s Droitwich as she took three hours and fifty minutes at the till to purchase just seven items.

She told Retail Weekly: ‘Well, dear, the card did seem a good idea when the nice man asked me to try it out, but by the time I found the card in my purse I had already presented, my bank card, my gas top-up card, my library card and thirty-five others none of which would work I still had to count out the remaining £9.40 in pennies so I’m not totally convinced.’