The Department of Transport is expected to announce a tough crackdown on car drivers who straddle both lanes of minor side-junctions when turning right across major roads, selfishly jamming them up for everyone behind who wants to turn left.

A department spokesman said: ‘This is becoming a national scourge, adding to what is already an almost gridlock situation the length and breadth of the country. Surveys show us that it’s particularly bad during morning and afternoon school runs.’

Neighbourhood Watch busybodies, living close by to hot spots, will be issued with special cameras and told to ‘dob in’ offenders with absolutely no exceptions whatsoever. In extreme cases marksmen will be deployed on the opposite side of the junction with instructions to ‘take out’ drivers who continually offend in an attempt to get Britain’s roads running more smoothly.’

But it’s not proving to be a popular move in some quarters. Mum of two, Catherine Slater, posting on Mumsnet wrote, I don’t think it’s fair because I drive my kids to school in my husband’s X5. It’s ever so big. I can hardly see the bonnet without sitting on two cushions and I can’t really judge the width very well, so it’s not really my fault and now they’re threatening to kill me. That just can’t be right, can it?

And Sales Rep, @BillCameron tweeted, I’ll continue to drive whatever way I like and if I happen to be on the phone while opening a Ginster’s Pasty and block the junction…then I couldn’t give two flying fucks to be fair!