Alan Barnes from Cardiff is delighted today after having been confirmed by officials from Guinness World Records as being ‘the most prolific scraper-up of discarded bubble gum from pavements and moulding it into perfect scale models of the world’s most iconic buildings and landmarks’.

Speaking to his local newspaper and pictured beside examples of his work – Stonehenge, The Acropolis and a particularly impressive rendering of Sydney Opera House – Alan said: ‘I’m the first to admit it’s a bit of an odd hobby and at times I did wonder if perhaps I really should’ve packed it in, however I stuck with it and I’m now glad that I did.’

‘This achievement makes my two divorces, multiple arrests, not to mention three periods of hospitalisation after contracting life-threatening infectious diseases now somehow seem to be all worth it, and you know my old headmaster said I’d never amount to anything when I left school.’

‘But who’s laughing now, eh? Tell me, who’s living the dream? Well it’s certainly not you Mr Bradshaw!’