Despite having been nearly defrauded out of £3250 after losing his contactless bank debit card, tech fan and pedant Norman Whitchurch, remains a convert to the system after calculating over the last year when legitimately paying for goods and services quickly and conveniently, he has saved upwards of an impressive total of 45.3 seconds.

He told BBC’s Click: ‘Contactless is fantastic and so much easier than the old way of having to take almost half a second to enter a mind-boggling and difficult-to-remember 4-digit PIN.’

‘OK, so if you lose your card and it’s found by a dishonest person, they can rack up lots of unchallenged sub-£30 quid charges on your account leading to the nightmare of an arduous fraud investigation, but if you don’t then think of what you can accomplish with all that time you’ve saved. It’s just amazing! I used some of mine having a glass of water last night.’

However Norman’s wife, Jean, doesn’t agree. ‘The silly old duffer lost his card just before Christmas and it was three days before he realised. The bank accused him of fraud when he disputed thousands of pounds worth of transactions and they were proposing to press charges when luckily the police found the culprit. It took the best part of three weeks to clear it all up.’

But Norman is sticking to his guns. ‘No no no! Look, you see this clever little card… oh, that’s odd, where’s it gone… I had it at the newsagents earlier… now where in heaven’s name has it got to? Oh bollocks! Jean! JE