Cast members of Game of Thrones have reacted angrily to the recent release of cinema trailer ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. The new movie, due this Christmas, is ultimately intended as the 134th episode in the final chronology of the seemingly never-ending franchise that men call Star Wars.

Speaking to reporters Peter Dinklage, who plays Lord Tyrion Lannister in the blockbusting Thrones TV saga, was scarcely able to contain his rage: ‘That’s just bloody typical of Disney. Always me, me bloody ME! The world’s been talking about the final season of our show for almost two years now, and now just as we begin broadcasting it that crew of spiteful space cadets attempt to piss on our chips!’

‘Well enjoy your moment in the sun Obidiah Vadermort or whatever you’re called. But have you seen our show? Well you might want to look over your shoulder. Let me say just two words “Red Wedding”. We SHALL have vengeance!’

Meanwhile Game of Thrones Author GRR Martin, although said not to to be pleased with the clash of the super sagas remains more sanguine. ‘If that’s what they want to do, then hey, so what? Who really cares? I’ve never seen Star Wars.’