A Christmas game of Monopoly that started at 3.10 when the Queen’s Speech finished is still in full flow, and although there’s nothing particularity remarkable about that in itself, what is perhaps more unusual is in this case the dice started to roll after Her Majesty’s broadcast in 1978, meaning the game has now entered it’s 41st year but still shows no sign of coming to an end.

Of the original five participants only two now remain as sadly Mum & Dad have passed away during the game’s progress, as indeed has uncle George who was actually playing at the time of his demise having just landed on Mayfair with a hotel on it before he succumbed to a fatal heart attack. All three places have now been taken by aunts Chloe, Melissa and cousin Toby.

Original player Roger who was fifteen when the game started told reporters: ‘Yes, I believe this is some kind of record and we’re quite proud to be the holders. The One Show has confirmed it.’

‘It’s rather sad about Mum and Dad and Uncle George… Oh gosh! Double six! That’s another go! One – two – three… erm… sorry where was I? Ah yes, well it has been a long slog for sure, but the game must go on.’

During one of the ten half-hour tea-breaks scheduled during a typical day’s play the other original player, Maureen, who’s Roger’s older sister explained. ‘It’s been tricky to keep it all running during this time but modern innovations like the Internet and online grocery deliveries have eased the pressure a bit.’

‘Of course it’s consumed our lives. Roger and I have never had a holiday, been married, enjoyed any real happiness or indeed even a single moment’s true joy, but we feel we owe it to Mum and Dad to finish the game.’

‘Dad in particular was very much a stickler for not quitting anything once started, so It would be disrespectful not to play to the end. Don’t you think?’