The world of stadium rock has been shaken to its very foundations today as news emerged that legendary British supergroup, Spinal Tap, never turned it up to eleven… not ever… for the simple reason that it is an impossibility to do so.

Appearing on Jonathan Ross to speak about his recently publicised memoirs of life on the road, the band’s former manager Ian Faith, said: ‘The whole eleven thing was just bollocks and a set-up for the movie. Everyone knows that the highest volume anything can go to is ten.’

‘It’s a prime law of acoustic dynamics. Ten is the highest. There wasn’t ever “that extra…” The road crew simply just stenciled an eleven on his amp for a lark, and bless him, he was so out of his head most of the time back in those days that Nigel (Tufnel) bought the idea. But it was all just bluff, bluster and nonsense.’

However the groundbreaking lead guitarist was quick to hit back telling Rolling Stone: ‘No… my amps went up to eleven.’