Down and out homeless man, David Forbes, is at the centre of a legal battle today after coming up with a scheme, which if a court finds in his favour this week, just may rewrite legislation regarding Landlord and Tenant

Mr Forbes went into his local branch of John Lewis in Reading saying he wanted to buy a new bed and asked to try out one of the range that was on display. But no sooner had the salesman invited him to ‘go on, don’t be shy and give it a good try,’ David announced that he was taking up squatters’ rights and would be refusing to move.

Staff then watched in horror as Mr Forbes started to empty his rucksack and soon had its grubby contents strewn all over the king-size double divan model.  That’s when things got interesting as he was quickly joined by his wife, bag lady Pamela.

Store Manager Brian Travers said: ‘I can’t tell you what happened next, but suffice it to say that we had to erect a screen all around them as both took our salesman at his word with considerable gusto, although not before they had attracted a substantial and largely male crowd who cheered and threw money onto the bed during their… err… erm… performance.’

‘Still, if nothing else then were determined to make the best of a bad job to recoup lost takings on bed sales, so we’re running five performances a day for discerning punters and if Alan doesn’t succumb to a heart attack beforehand then we expect to have obtained an eviction notice by next Monday.’