The BBC has announced that Mr Grimsdale is to step down from presenting the Radio 1 flagship Breakfast Show in September when he will be succeeded by the legendary gruff-voiced Lord Sugar lookalike Sid James.

Radio One controller, Ben Cooper, told media journalists: ‘Mr Grimsdale’s patter was becoming rather tired and although his stuffy and officious picking on his presenting sidekick, poor down at heel Norman Wisdom was still quite popular, focus groups felt that it has just lost its appeal. Audiences were demanding something a bit grittier and more zeitgeisty.’

‘Don’t get me wrong,  Grimmy’s a lovely guy and there’s still a place for him here at Radio One but he realises his own shortcomings and stepped down with dignity.’

Rumours have been rife now for some time that all was not well and that the show was becoming too ‘old school.’ But it’s understood that James will be bringing a saucier and more cutting-edge approach and already there has been much made of the new phone-in quiz he’s introducing called, ‘Phoar, look at the bazonkers on that!’

Meanwhile at a press conference held at Wogan House, Sid was cock-a-hoop and raring to go. With plenty of his trademark raucous laugh and Swanee whistle-blowing he told reporters.

‘I really can’t wait to get stuck right in there, Cah ha-ha! And believe me, it just doesn’t get any bigger than this! (swanee whistle) I’ve had a look at the new studio and I’m more than satisfied with my faders and my big purple control knob, and I’ll tell you this, I ain’t had no complaints about that before!