He might well be the man with a plan, he could also have a counterfeit dollar in his hand, however he is definitely not Mr Know-it-all, as music icon Stevie Wonder has just found out to his cost.

The top-selling multi Grammy-winning artist was appearing on a celebrity edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and had reached $500,000, needing only one more correct answer to win a cool million dollars when he faltered on the final question.

When asked who succeeded Henry 8th as King of England after his death in 1547 he was given the multiple choices of – Elizabeth 2nd – Judith 5th – Charles 1st or Edward 6th. ‘Wow, tough question,’ replied the world-renowned mouth organ-blower supreme, ‘Guess I’m gonna have to call my top phone-a-friend guy, Misstra Know-it-all.’

In a studio where you could have heard a pin drop as Chuck Maguire, the show’s host, then asked Wonder to put the question to his chosen lifeline and without hesitation Know-It-All replied: ‘Hey, it’s Charles 1st Bro, I know this…trust me, Dude, history’s my bag, man. One hundred percent.’

‘Charles 1st, final answer,’ said Stevie confidently only to be told by the shocked host and to the groans of the audience he was wrong and that he had lost a small fortune for his charity.

‘No man, you gotta be kidding,’ insisted the Motown legend. ‘Misstra Know-it-all knows it all.’ But when he was finally convinced that the answer he had given was wrong the clearly rattled star left the hot seat shaking his head and mumbling:

‘If we had less of him, don’t you know we’d have a better land… he’s Misstra know-fuck-all.’