Sensational news has emerged today that Peter Pan of pop, Sir Cliff Richard, real name Harry Webb, has been drafted in to play for Great Britain’s Davis Cup tennis team later in the year.

Speaking from his holiday home in Portugal, Mr Webb, real name Sir Cliff Richard, told reporters, ‘I’m delighted to be able to combine my two great loves. Me and wine growing.’ He then set about winning over the sceptical press as he handed round samples of a cheeky Chardonnay and a full-bodied Pinot Noir, both of which garnered plenty of praise from the assembled throng. The Chardonnay, lightly oaked with tinges of vanilla, and the Pinot full of big fruits on the nose with a dry finish and chock-full of tannin.

However several hours later when pressed further on his selection for the Davis Cup team, the poptastic Richard commented, ‘Well it’s an obvious move if you think about it really. Because, if say one of our team or an opponent hurts themselves during a match, or an umpire’s chair collapses and play is held up, then I can get on the mic and entertain the crowd.’

Richard has been a tennis fan and keen amateur player for many years now, and welcoming the news his good buddy and tennis legend Sue Barker tweeted ‘Well done Cliff! But for Christ’s sake whatever you do don’t pull any strings and get Wossy or Jimmy Carr called up too.’