Well you couldn’t write the script could you? But judging by what the BBC has lined up for us this Easter then anybody who can hold a pen the right way round probably could! Because in an astonishing and, what many critics are calling a totally bizarre EastEnders storyline, the already previously twice-murdered character, bad boy Den Watts, is set to return to the show once more.

Later this week viewers will see actor, Leslie Grantham, reprise his role for an unprecedented third time in a plot quite literally straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. Grantham is to play Den as a ghost who appears in The Vic imploring Danny Dyer to stop hamming up scenes so much with the uber-Cockney delivery of Mick Carter’s lines. ‘It’s almost facking parody, Mick!’ Grantham tells Dyer at one point in a decidedly odd plot-twist during the episode to be screened post-watershed.

Anita Dobson, who in early days played Angie Watts, Den’s wife in one of British soap’s most turbulent and explosive relationships ever, told Radio Times: ‘Leslie’s a diamond geezer and a real trooper. He often comes round our gaff and has dinner with me and Brian (May). Jellied eels or tripe and onions is our favourite.’

A clearly ‘chuffed to bits’ Grantham enthused: ‘Life’s a funny old game, ain’t it? And you don’t really know what’s around the corner. OK, so perhaps my new storyline does require a larger than normal dollop of the suspension of disbelief…but then we are talking about Eastenders here, aren’t we! So… know what I mean?’