Another day and yet another gaffe as once again Donald Trump left aides open-mouthed following inappropriate remarks at an award ceremony in Harvard University.

The event, where guest of honour, Professor Stephen Hawking, was to receive an award for his lifetime contribution to Science was marred when the President, referring to Mr Hawking’s voice module, commented, ‘Wow, that sounds just like something off of Star Trek.’

Then unbelievably, and seemingly completely unable to pick up the wave of toe curling embarrassment sweeping around the room, Mr Trump compounded his faux pas by adding, ‘Hey come on now, Steve. Stop kidding around, speak properly and let’s get this thing done.’

The ceremony was halted as a clearly furious Hawking quit the rostrum leaving the President looking on with a bemused and confused expression.

It was left to a spokesperson to try and smooth things over later. ‘Mr Trump meant no offence by his remarks. It’s just that he’s spectacularly and woefully socially inept and has no interpersonal skills whatsoever,’ she explained.