For the first time ever a man has managed to take photographs of a UFO which are not not grainy, out of focus or been shot from a distance of ten miles at dusk using a shaky hand-held disposable cardboard camera.

The lucky photographer set to make a cool fortune from sales of the shots, American schoolteacher, Dale Wackashinski, told the press: ‘I was out walking along a mountain trail in Nevada when suddenly there was this blinding light and the spaceship materialised right there about twenty yards from where I was standing. Luckily I had my rucksack with all my state-of-the-art camera equipment with me and I was able to get the crystal-clear high definition shots before it vanished into thin air..’

The world’s scientific community is now waiting with bated breath for the set of pictures to be made public once a deal has been signed, and rather surprisingly in the fierce bidding war for the copyright it’s British tabloid The Daily Mail leading the field.

A spokesman for the paper said: ‘We need them for our latest ludicrous scare-story to prove that beyond all doubt our cherished British way of life is being endangered by a new threat; this time from a race of extra-terrestrial sex pervert deviant dark-skinned scrounging layabouts that have been summoned to Earth by Jeremy Corbyn, in a crazy bid to destroy the UK post Brexit.’