Nigella Lawson has confirmed that she will not be making a second series of her recent cooking programme, At My Table, because seemingly there were too few opportunities for flirtatious double entendres.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan she said, ‘It was so hard. There were no lingering shots of my curvaceous figure, not once did they film me biting lush red cherries in a provocative way, I wasn’t allowed to lick thick cream from my fingers, and the final icing on the cake, pun intended, I wasn’t even allowed to mention plumptious dumplings, mine or anyone else’s for that matter.”

Her agent, Charleen Hawtrey, told TV Quick, “To have a show where Nigella’s sexuality was so chronically underused was nothing short of a complete insult. She found the entire experience one big long grind and was in fact going to blow the job after initial rehearsals. She really was gagging for it to be a success but now feels the format’s left a bad taste in her mouth having well and truly shot its bolt.’

When asked what’s next for her client Hawtrey continued: ‘Nigella wants to get stuck into her new TV project. One she’s really excited about. It will see her back where she belongs cooking every week in a wet t- shirt and with plenty of her trademark coquettish hair-tossing and doe-eyed outrageous innuendo being the order of the day .’

Nigella’s Banging Parties is set to hit our screens next Autumn on Channel 4.