Allegations have been made against Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, suggesting he was once a contributing member to a Shropshire Christmas Club that was run by a man who subsequently went on to have a short holiday in Moscow.

A po-faced Iain Duncan-Smith told GMB: ‘This a very serious matter and I think it will have considerable resonance with the very many who have questioned Mr Corbyn’s levels of patriotism and commitment to Britain, and the sacred way of life and free society we enjoy here – just so long as you’re not a dole-scrounger or foreign refugee in desperation.’

Duncan-Smith went on to confirm that he’d been shown a ‘paying-in book’ in the name of a J. Corbyn in which the then six year-old future leader deposited 12s-6d in the period between March and December 1954, before mysteriously withdrawing it all on December 23rd that same year. The treasurer of the club, Neville Bannister, was known to have spent a week in Moscow sometime later in the 1960s and the two events have now been conflated by government ‘spying experts’.

However Mr Corbyn’s office has called the charges ‘preposterous beyond all belief’ adding that he would not be bothering to waste his breath even attempting to acknowledge such an obvious and ludicrous right-wing media smear attempt.

When told of this reaction Mr Duncan-Smith replied: ”Well he would say that, wouldn’t he? He’s probably suggesting he used the 12s-6d to buy earrings for his mother’s Christmas present or some such, but if you ask me there’s no smoke without fire here and it’s much more likely, to my mind, that the money found its way into the coffers of the Soviets.’